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Sleeping in style

Logement №5 is a stylish Bed and Breakfast in a distinctive monumental townhouse in the green hard of Assen. You are most welcome to stay in one of our two luxury 2-person suites that are equipped with everything you need.


The former lawyers office from 1881 is situated in the Palace Neighbourhood in the historical centre of Assen. It is only 100 meters away from the old Asser-forest: more than a 100 hectares of tranquillity and green in the middle of the city.  Within five minutes you will be in the cosy city centre with its various shops, restaurants and terraces.

For theater, film and remarkable exhibitions you can visit the culture-palaces ‘De Nieuwe Kolk’ and the ‘Drents Museum’.


Assen is very centrally located. It is the perfect home base for the exploration of the province Drenthe. And within half an hour you can find yourself on the Main Square of Groningen. You can always come to us for any information or suggestions for a varied day in the city or surroundings.


Logement №5. The location to unwind, relax, enjoy and be pampered in a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. 


Enjoying tapas together in the two-person whirlpool. We will make sure that nothing is missing.


Click here for the tapas arrangement.


Exquisite 9,8





January 10th 2016 - A promise is a promise, we came back! We are impressed how you are able to maintain the quality and attention to detail. Again, a big 10!


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