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10 January 2016

A promise is a promise, we came back! Again we had some lovely days. Our compliments for how you are able to maintain the quality and attention to detail. We are impressed with your other/second apartment! Again delicious food, bubbles and relaxation. In the spring we will definitely return. Just like last time, a big 10!

Ingrid and Liane


1 January 2016

What a delightful beautiful place this is! From the bath, the styling, breakfast to the personal attention, everything was taken care of! For us a very comfortable and relaxed way to spend a spectacular New Years Eve! The wine cooler beside the bath, the ‘oliebollen’ (Dutch treat) and the wish balloons were the finishing touch! We wish all of you the best for 2016, personally as well as for the B&B. Thank you for everything. Daniel and Marieke.


27 December 2015

Everything is perfect here! What a relaxing stay! Tapasplate, breakfast – delicious. We can taste that you have prepared everything with love and devotion. We will definitely come back in the summer to try out your picnic basket. We recommend, now that you have the chance, to buy the townhouse next-door and create another bed and breakfast there. The way you handle it, success is guaranteed! Thank you very much. Rob and Simone


20 December 2015

What an enjoyable stay this weekend! Your place is truly perfect! The welcoming immediately comforted us and the breakfast... there are no words for it. Definitely keep going like this and probably see you soon! Jolanda and Lucie


18 December 2015

We have enjoyed your hospitality and the beautifully furnished townhouse very much. It was clearly visible that you put a lot of attention into the tapasplate and the breakfast - we enjoyed these very much. We wish you a lot of luck and we will definitely recommend this address to our group of friends. Pieter and Maria.

13 December 2015

Thank you for the delightful weekend! We really enjoyed the luxury and your hospitality. The bath, the tapasplate and breakfast were perfect. Also, it wasn’t a problem for you to make everything gluten free. Thank you for the love and devotion you put into it. Everything was taken care of. Good luck with your beautiful B&B! Roel and Kimberly


6 December 2015

What a delightful stay we had with you! Cosy lights at the welcoming, a tasty piece of apple pie, a beautiful room, a comfortable bath, it is really taken care of completely! Thank you for your hospitable welcoming! Iris and Joost.


29 November 2015

What an incredible stay we had at Logement №5. It felt like a warm bath – literally and figuratively. Everything was right. Presentation, styling and especially personal attention. There are actually no words to express what we experienced. We would like to thank you very much for this. Warm greetings, Jan Albert and Margreet.


23 November 2015

In one word: WOW!

Perfectly styled, excellent finish combined with the warmest hospitality. Thank you very much! Don’t change anything. Greetings, AnneMarie.


22 November 2015

There is actually just one word that can express your hospitality and the B&B: Fantastic! Nothing but praise for the breakfast, the room, the bath, the bed, the surroundings, the appearance and the welcoming. You have really created something very beautiful! Until later… no, until soon! Cyril and Wouter


8 November 2015

What a great, superb: Welcoming!, Breakfast!, Welcoming apple pie!, Tapasplate!, Shower, bed, B&B! We felt more than welcome in this house that you’ve invested your complete souls in, with so much taste and perfect style….

This truly beats everything….

Thank you very very much and good luck with your B&B career and further developments and renovations of other/more rooms and/or apartments. Greetings, Tamara and Bas



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Exquisite 9,8 

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